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Moan bracelet de biceps tourbillon egypte sur champs de coquelicots

MOAN Bracelet

The first arm bracelet boutique in France.

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guide des tailles de bracelet de biceps moan bracelet

Discover Moän Bracelet, armlets specialist

Welcome to MOAN BRACELET, your destination for finding the perfect arm bracelet.

We are a brand of arm bracelets based in France and we are proud to offer a wide range of models (rush, bohemian, vintage, snake, chained, boho, ethnic) to meet the tastes of all our customers.

bracelet de biceps laurier brassard femme or dorée.



The must have: arm bracelets BRASSARD

Following my various searches, I discovered various types of armbands. 

I present to you the one whoseems essestial. I describe it as the brassard.

For what ? It brings a touch of authenticity in your everyday look. Goes well with all outfits and styles.

I let you discover them in my shop!

moan bracelet de biceps bras laurier minimaliste femme
bracelet de bras fantaisiste laurier fin or femme

Stand out: Ornate armlet

For any event, dare the arm bracelet "ornate armlet" !

A marriage ? A prom? A theme party? Become the king, the queen of the evening with these jewels to express your bold and unique style!. 

Bring this unique set up to date!

The original :  

Discover our category "Forearm cuff" and let yourself be seduced by our superb arm bracelets to wear on the forearm.

These elegant and trendy jewels will add a touch of unique style to your look.

Explore our collection and find the perfect cuff to complete your outfit.


Visit our online store now to discover our creations and let your forearm shine with our sensational cuffs!

moan bracelet de manchette femme serpent
bracelet de biceps fin enroulé mariage femme moan bracelet

25% discount for your first arm bracelet order

  • How to maintain your arm bracelets?
    Here are our tips to prevent your arm bracelets from tarnishing or chipping over time: - When you're not wearing it, put it in your pocket to make it last longer. - Do not wear when washing dishes or doing other household chores. Do not expose to chemical products (perfume, lotion, shower gel, hydroalcoholic gel, etc.). These products are corrosive and can discolor your jewellery. - Remember to remove it during your sports activities because the acidity of your skin can seriously alter the appearance of your jewellery.
  • How to choose the size of your arm bracelet?
    Might as well go straight to the point: we have written a dedicated page to help you choose the best arm bracelet.
  • Are our arm bracelets water resistant?
    Our jewelry is made of copper alloy and is plated or water resistant. It can also withstand occasional sea bathing and swimming. Nevertheless, it is advisable to avoid contact with water and chemicals. We recommend that you apply a clear varnish to prolong the life of your jewellery.
  • What if I haven't received my order?
    Order confirmation can be sent within 48 hours of purchase, depending on the level of demand. The confirmation email may also be in your spam folder. If you do not receive the confirmation email after 48 hours, please contact customer service.
  • Want to know more about our CSR policy?
    Around 40 million French people now shop online. 2 billion transactions are carried out and 1.3 billion parcels are sent each year. This activity obviously affects and pollutes the environment. And not only does this pollution have a negative impact on people and the environment, but it also has a direct impact on the climate. At Moän BRACELET, we are aware of this environmental impact. Environmental protection is important to us. Our parcel supplier is a company based in the North of France. He gets cardboard right next to his factory. His cartonniers (yes yes that's the term!) is 50KM from his home. ​ The latter is responsible for collecting and recycling used cardboard.
  • How can I track my order?
    Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking code. Please note that it may take up to 72 hours for your tracking number to become active.
  • I made a mistake in my address when ordering?
    If you provided the wrong address and your order has not yet shipped, we will do our best to update your order to the correct address. Do not hesitate to contact us via the form on the website. However, we are not responsible if your order has already been dispatched.





First arm bracelet for me, a real find!  I had always been a bit skeptical about arm bracelets, but this one was really nice and not too expensive, so I went tempted. I do not regret at all! It is very comfortable and very pretty, and I wear it regularly! 

Anais C.



Very surprised by the quality of this arm bracelet!  I was tempted by the "antique snake". I did not expect it to be so beautiful and of good quality. He caused a stir with my Nefertiti cosplay!  I'm very happy with my purchase!



Elodie L.


Received very quickly! Quality packaging for this arm bracelet. Very happy to have randomly stumbled upon MOÄN Bracelet! I hope there will be other models soon! 



Justine F.

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