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100% recycled packages

renard en carton recyclable

Around 40 million French people now shop online. 2 billion transactions are carried out and 1.3 billion parcels are sent each year. This activity affects andpollutesobviously the environment. And not only does this pollution have a negative impact on people and the environment, but it also has a direct impact on the climate.
At the house ofMOAN BRACELET, we are aware of thisenvironmental impact. Environmental protection is important to us.

Partners of choice

Our parcel provider is a company based in theNorth of France. He gets cardboard right next to his factory. His cartonniers (yes yes that's the term!) is 50KM from his home.

The latter is responsible for thecollection, ofrecyclingused boxes.

recyclage de plein de cartons

The importance for us...

At the house ofMENABracelet, we made the choice to stay on a packagingsimple, consistent with ourvaluesThis is why you will only find the cardboard packaging and the biodegradable wooden crimp, no frills, no unnecessary second packaging bearing our image.

We want to staysimpleand at mostcarbon neutral. Sobriety is perhaps a fashionable word, amongMENABracelet, we make it a reality. 

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Toutes les vidéos

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