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The story of Moän Bracelet

In a few words ...

The story of Moan Bracelet begins with two childhood friends, Morgane and Anthony, who share a passion for fashion and the accessories. They started to create jewelry for themselves and their friends, but soon realized they lacked the skills to create quality jewelry they had in mind and in particular the arm bangles brassard, the summer must-have! 

It is with passion that they began to select the best arm bracelets! They only choose bracelets that they consider to be of high quality, both in terms of materials and design. Parts are made in different alloys so are resistant to water and time. 

They work with reputable suppliers to ensure that every arm bracelet is made from sustainable materials, such as natural stones or stainless steel. They also focus on trendy designs, but timeless, so customers can wear them for any occasion. Suppliers have been carefully selected and share authentic values


Lover of aesthetics simple and refined, she expresses her personality through the accessories she wears.

Being in search of an item unique and rare, she turned to arm bracelets.


Too often set aside, she wishes through this site, to bring up to date this ornament and spread it around her. 

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Expert in jewelry store, Nicolas devoted many years to the jewelry making elegant and unique for its customers.


Passionate about their story, Nicolas recently decided to share his expertise and his passion by writing blog articles on armlets, brassard and ornate arm bracelets and other topics related to this universe.


With a solid background in jewelry making and a unique voice, Nicolas brings an inspiring and informed perspective to the world of jewelry.


lifestyle blogger passionate Ophelie shares her taste for current trends and the freshest looks with her loyal audience.


Recently, Ophelie joined the MOÄN Bracelet team as official blogger, writing articles on the latest trend, namely the arm bracelets.


With an eye for detail and a unique style, Ophélie brings a personal touch to every article she writes, inspiring readers to explore fashion news in terms of fashion and of style.

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