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Brassard armlet

Armband jewelry wraps your arm perfectly, to give you the look of an ethnic warrior! 

These towering bicep bracelets are designed for strong women who want to add a touch of power to their look! In stainless steel, silver or gold, it's the MUST HAVE 2023! 

Find out more about "Brassard" arm bracelets

Discover our collection of armband bracelets "brassard"as a true standard of warrior, designed for women who want to add a touch of power and sophistication​ to their look. Our arm bracelets are showy and wrap around the bicep giving them an impressive and dominant look.


Made from high quality materials, our arm bracelets are both resistant and comfortable to wear. The intricate details and perfect finishes of our arm bracelets reflect the meticulous craftsmanship and passion of our team. Our arm bracelets are an ideal choice for special occasions or to give a touch of charisma to a casual look. You can wear them with an elegant dress or a basic t-shirt for an instant effect.

Our collection includes a variety of designs to suit all tastes and styles. We have arm bracelets with intricate designs for the more daring, arm bracelets in money for the most urban and arm bracelets in gold for those looking to add a touch of color.

Make our collection of arm bracelets your ultimate ally to add a touch of power and style to your outfit. Order now and add a touch of strength to your warrior look.

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