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Armband Ancient Egypt snake arm bracelet silver

Armband Ancient Egypt snake arm bracelet silver

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This stunning arm braceletsilver entwined snakes  is an exceptional piece that is both massive and delicate. This jewel armband represents thebody of two snakes  mirrored, wrapping around your arm. By wearing it, you will therefore have the impression of channelingthe finesseand thepowerof this reptilian duo. Bitten snakes, this jewel is for you!


Our jewelry is made of alloy, durable and lightweight, smooth and comfortable, allowing long time use.



Treat yourself or treat yourself with a safe bet!



Our jewelry is made of copper alloy, rust resistant!

Color: Money
  • Feature Armband Snake arm bracelet

    • Dimension : from 220 to 300 mm (arm circumference)
    • Jewel shape : Two coiled snakes
    • Kind : Arm bracelet, manchette, Armband
    • Universe: Women, Children, Men, Unisex,
    • Color : Money
    • Occasion: Anniversary, engagement, gift, party, wedding, gift, party, wedding, summer beach
    • Style : Animal, Ethnic, Tribal, punk, Egypt
  • When to wear the Armband Snake arm bracelet?

    We adopt this small Dancing snake arm bracelet for atotal animal look ! Easy and quick to put on, the armbands with a metal frame  always seduce our This new armband will adapt perfectly to the shape of your biceps.

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  • Packed with love

    In a process ofeco-responsibility, we have made the choice to stay in line with our values with regard to delivery. Cardboard and broken pieces to protect your jewelry during transport are inrecycled materialsAndbiodegradable.  No plastic, no unnecessary branded pockets, let's all be more respectful of our beautiful planet.

    Do not forget to I'maintainin order to keep it as long as possible ;)